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No. Symbol Spread Swap long Swap short Limit & Stop Levels Contract size
1 GOLD 35 -1.01 -0.75 100 100
2 SILVER 4 -1.12 -1.12 20 1000
3 BRENTOIL 10 -2.25 -2.25 20 1000
4 CRUDEOIL 10 -1.75 -1.75 20 1000

Precious metal contract scale

    1 lot = 100 ounces
    0.1 lot = 10 ounces
    0.01 lot = 1 ounce
    1 lot = 1000 ounces
    0.1 lot = 100 ounces
    0.01 lot = 10 ounces
Calculating margin requirements for precious metals trading:

Margin Requirement = Contract Size / Leverage * Current price is 1 ounce of precious metal

Example: If a 1 ounce (100 ounces) trading, leverage of a 1: 100 account, the current price of 1 ounce of gold is $1560 then:

Margin Requirement = 100/100 * $1560 = $1560

Note: In the 23: 55-00: 05 (server hour) interval, spread increase and reduced liquidity may occur as a result of the rollover of the bank daily. In the event of insufficient liquidity / charges during the rollover period, excessive fees and slippage may occur. Therefore orders will not be proceeded during these times.
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Guarantee the customer fund safety

At HoldingFx we understand that successful investors are the ones who always give full attention to the transaction rather than worrying about the safety of their money. Therefore, we have done special measures to ensure a very high level of safety for our clients' funds.
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HoldingFx operates in currency finance, online foreign exchange brokerage field worldwide with full regulatory authority and is allowed to be a commodity broker. We provide various accounts, trading softwares and tools for foreign exchange and commodities for individuals, fund managers and institutional clients. Retailers, IB and White Label partners conduct inter-bank transactions and high liquidity through financial institutions.