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HoldingFx is committed to providing its customers with the best possible business conditions. We offer 3 different types of accounts to meet the specific requirements of different traders.

Whether you are looking to open antrial account or a real account, through Micro, Standard, VIP, you will find the complete flexibility to trade at the level you want. Whatever your business strategy is, funding level or risk appetite, from micro to commercial size, there will always be an appropriate account for you.

The micro account is designed for new traders entering the foreign exchange market with small trading volumes that allow traders to trade in smaller sizes and open an account with a low initial deposit. Than a standard account from all MetaTrader4 technical platforms

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Guarantee the customer fund safety

At HoldingFx we understand that successful investors are the ones who always give full attention to the transaction rather than worrying about the safety of their money. Therefore, we have done special measures to ensure a very high level of safety for our clients' funds.
HoldingFX operates in currency finance, online forex brokerage field

HoldingFx operates in currency finance, online foreign exchange brokerage field worldwide with full regulatory authority and is allowed to be a commodity broker. We provide various accounts, trading softwares and tools for foreign exchange and commodities for individuals, fund managers and institutional clients. Retailers, IB and White Label partners conduct inter-bank transactions and high liquidity through financial institutions.