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When you are moving, use the MT4 HoldingFx smartphone to access your account and transact via smartphone. HoldingFx MT4 smartphone is full of features help you proceed all transactions just like on the computer. You have full access to financial markets and make deals from anywhere in the world. Apply technical analysis and motion charts to all tools.

By offering advanced charts and trading tools which provide flexibility for Trader to move frequently, smartphone transaction software becomes an ideal choice.

For the MT4 HoldingFx smartphone, it only works on MS Windows Mobile operating systems for the 2003 SE / Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone (or later for Windows Mobile 6.5). HoldingFx MT4 Mobile does not work on Symbian and Palm OS.

  • Supports 30 technical indicators
  • Multilingual support, allowing conversion between languages
  • Access news feeds
  • Safety and security
  • HoldingFx instructs to install Windows Mobile trading software

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Guarantee the customer fund safety

At HoldingFx we understand that successful investors are the ones who always give full attention to the transaction rather than worrying about the safety of their money. Therefore, we have done special measures to ensure a very high level of safety for our clients' funds.
HoldingFX operates in currency finance, online forex brokerage field

HoldingFx operates in currency finance, online foreign exchange brokerage field worldwide with full regulatory authority and is allowed to be a commodity broker. We provide various accounts, trading softwares and tools for foreign exchange and commodities for individuals, fund managers and institutional clients. Retailers, IB and White Label partners conduct inter-bank transactions and high liquidity through financial institutions.