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Guarantee the customers funds safety

At HoldingFx, we understand that successful investors are the ones who can always give full attention to the transaction instead of worrying about the safety of their funds. Therefore, we have taken special measures to ensure a very high level of safety for our clients' funds.

These measures are usually reserved for organizationall clients. However, we are also happy to provide this measure to our individual customers. We are fully confident that our efforts will benefit our customers a positive direct impact and that customer account returns will be more effective as there is a greater concentration in the international financial transaction field.

Separate bank account

All customer funds are managed independently by the Bank. Any funds withdrawn from the client's account must first be approved by the bank. Especially, the cost of this service will be on us to ensure the peace of mind for our customers.

Following our fully transparent policies, we will send you detailed information on how the process works after the customer opens a real trading account and carry out their first deposit to the account. . When the customer requests a withdrawal, the bank transfers directly to the client's account. This ensures that when funds are withdrawn from a client's account, these funds are guaranteed for the sole purpose of being sent to the clients.

We believe that the above process adds an important layer of safety to our client funds that allows our clients to focus on doing Forex trading the best they can.
Bank account credibility

HoldingFx maintains bank accounts with prestigious banks such as Vietcombank, Sacombank, Techcombank, Eximbank, VPbank, etc.

Strict financial supervision

The company's regulations are obliged to meet stringent financial standards, including capital adequacy requirements. HoldingFx is required to submit financial statements to be regulated on a monthly basis, so we are required by law to maintain sufficient funds to cover all customer deposits, potential volatility in the company's currency positions and unexpected costs. A detailed annual audit is carried out by an independent internal auditor notifying the correction of any deficiencies.

Risk management

HoldingFx continually identifies, evaluates, monitors and controls each type of risk associated with its activities. This means evaluating on a continuous basis the effectiveness of on-site policies, arrangements and procedures that allow the company to easily cover its financial needs and capital requirements at any given time.
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Guarantee the customer fund safety

At HoldingFx we understand that successful investors are the ones who always give full attention to the transaction rather than worrying about the safety of their money. Therefore, we have done special measures to ensure a very high level of safety for our clients' funds.
HoldingFX operates in currency finance, online forex brokerage field

HoldingFx operates in currency finance, online foreign exchange brokerage field worldwide with full regulatory authority and is allowed to be a commodity broker. We provide various accounts, trading softwares and tools for foreign exchange and commodities for individuals, fund managers and institutional clients. Retailers, IB and White Label partners conduct inter-bank transactions and high liquidity through financial institutions.