To make sure that your funds are deposited in your correct foreign exchange account, HoldingFx requires you to declare some information when transferring funds by logging into your management account on the company website.

    You can transfer money to us from any bank in Vietnam, however, to deposit money into your Forex trading account as fast as possible, follow our recommendations.

    The currency is USD or US Dollar.

    The VND / USD exchange rate applicable to fixed deposits / withdrawals is VND 23.000 / USD.

    The minimum deposit amount is 20 USD

    Time of deposit:

    • From 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Sunday if you transfer money via internet banking.
    • Deposit according toopening hourof banks that link with HoldingFx when you make a direct deposit at a bank.
    • HoldingFx does not apply to any fees paid.

    If you have difficulty making a deposit, call us at +61422 363 666 or email us at [email protected] for full assistance.


    HoldingFx is not responsible for deposits deposited by post office, nor can it be considered that this amount is available for the transaction until the money has been deposited, completed and credited into the client's trading account.

    HoldingFx is not allowed to receive cash or cash equivalents (traveler's checks / traveler's checks / personal checks ...) with the name of an individual who is not the name of the foreign exchange account holder.

  • Deposit Guide


    Step 1:You log into your trading account at here

    Step 2: Choose DEPOSIT

    Step 3:

    • Enter Amount USD. For Example 100 USD
    • Choose whether to join the Bonus Program
    • Choose The HoldingFx Bank you want to deposit

    Step 4: Click DEPOSIT

    The system will display information for you to check again. If you need to edit or change your mind, press the Delete


    After making the payment order, you need to transfer money to HoldingFx Bank Account. Forms of money transfer:

    • Online transfer (internet banking).
    • By cash at bank. Note: In the content transfer, you should write 88xxxx (where 88xxxx is your mt4 account number).

    After 5 minutes from the time your money reaches your HoldingFx bank account, the money will be transferred to your MT4 trading account and you can proceed with the transaction.

    If you have a Bank account with the Banking system where HoldingFx has a trading account, the transfer will be extremely quick and convenient during the Forex trading process.