• Where can I download the transaction software on my device?

    Visit www.holdingfx.com -> FOREX & CFDS TRADING -> TRADING SOFTWARE -> Download HoldingFx MT4. Or download the transaction software here.

  • Does HoldingFx software for phone or IPad?

    Yes. Visit www.holdingfx.com -> FOREX & CFDS TRADING -> TRADING SOFTWARE -> Trading on iOS or you can see the installation instructions here

  • How can I view all currency pairs and commodities?

    In the Market Watch window, right-click and select Show all, to see all currency pairs and commodities that you can trade.

  • Where can I see detailed parameters of currency pairs trading?

    In the Market Watch tab, right-click and select the symbol, in this window, if you want to see the details of the currency pair or any goods, select Properties and then click.

  • I can not enter the order and get the message "Contest Busy"?

    Maybe your internet connection is weak or has an error. Make sure to double-check.

  • Why is it difficult to order when the market fluctuates?

    To fix this, in the window on the "New Order" command, tick "Enable maximum deviation from quoted price" and then increase the number of pips in the Deviation accordingly.

  • I can not place orders and get the message "Invalid S / L or T / P". Why is that so?

    When encounter Failure to set the price, stop loss (S / L) or profit margin (T / P) is not correct, you need to adjust the price parameters.

  • I can not go to the command prompt and get the message "Off Quotes"?

    Off Quotes means quotation interrupts, the pair does not get the price. This error usually occurs when the trading volume is weak, which usually occurs when the session opens in Asia, investors are difficult to trade.

  • Is there a "Off Quotes" phenomenon in HoldingFx?

    "Off Quotes" is a technical error that can occur in all Brokers using the MT4 trading platform. HoldingFx also uses MetaQuotes MT4 trading software so it is impossible to avoid this system issue.

  • Why are my trading orders being automatically liquidated by the system?

    Your account status has a margin level that decreases to a limit set by the HoldingFx, and the system automatically silences your orders (also known as Stop Out). To view the remaining deposit rates at the time your orders are liquidated, go to Account History, right-click and select Comment.

  • What is a pending order? What is a transaction with pending order?

    The pending order (also known as a pending order) is used when the order is proceeded at a different price from the current price as the trader looks forward to the trend of forex and CFDs in the future. The pending command includes the following types of commands:

    The Limit command is the type of command used for the reverse transaction method.

    Buy limit: Pending order is below the current price.

    Sell limit: A pending order to sell at a price above the current price.

    The Stop order is the type of command used for the transactional method of breaking.

    Buy Stop: Pending order to buy at price above the current price.

    Sell Stop: Pending order to sell at below current price.

    When the market fluctuates, the Stop orders will be matched at the market price or open price when the Gap appears.

  • Are matching orders protected?

    All orders are matched, profit is placed or losses are cut when prices pass without match are returned at the price set.

  • What is stop out? When do my transactions get a “stopout”?

    Stop out occurs when the status of the investor's account has a margin level reduced to the broker's level. In that state, the entire order of traders on the trading floor will be closed automatically. The deposit rate policy depends on the broker, not the same. This ratio at HoldingFx is 30%.

  • Does “stop out” always occur at the correct Broker's deposit rate?

    Not really. In fact, stop out does not always happen exactly at the specified Broker's deposit level. As the market fluctuates significantly, the price has slid so that the system fails to liquidate the order at the specified deposit rate (30% for HoldingFx), can be at 0 %, even the rate of less than 0%, it leads to negative account. This risk is noted in section 2 of the "risk warning" on the website.

  • My account is negative, which means that I am owing HoldingFx?

    Theoretically yes. However, HoldingFx shares some of the risk with you by returning your account back to position 0 (Balance = 0). You do not have to make any extra money. You only pay to continue the transaction.

  • What should I do to avoid risks in Forex trading?

    Before you make any transaction, you need to determine the parameters of trading size, expected return and risk tolerance for each trade. Installing StopLoss and Take Profit for transactions is the first basic lesson of the professional trader. To calculate transaction parameters, you can refer to our "Risk - Profit" spreadsheet.

    Trading at the time of the market opening at the beginning of the week or when the market volatility is extremely sensitive, creating the possibility of high losses. To avoid risks for traders, HoldingFX recommends that customers should carefully consider when trading at this time, especially waiting orders (pending orders) are maintained before the market closes last week.

  • Can I change my password as soon as I am granted MT4 account?

    Yes. For security purposes, HoldingFx recommends that you change your password immediately after your account is issued. After logging in to the new MT4 account, select Tools / Options / Server / Change. Enter the new password assigned to "Current password", then proceed to change the password as instructed. Remember to check the box "Change master password". Note that the password in MT4 must be at least 6 characters of letters and numbers.

  • How to view my transactions in the past?

    Login to your MT4 account, go to Account History, right click, select “All history”. You can also view the transaction history in each cycle (weeks, months ...) after clicking on Custom Period.

  • What is the minimum deposit to be able to trade at HoldingFx?

    Minimum $20.

  • What is the minimum order size for a transaction?

    Minimum 0.01 lots. Maximum 10 lots.

  • Do I have to pay commission when trading at HoldingFx?

    No. You do not have to pay commission (no commission) when trading at HoldingFx

  • What fees do I have to pay when trading at HoldingFx?

    Transaction fee - a spread between the buying / selling price (also known as the spread) that you pay when dealing with any foreign exchange broker in the world. However, at HoldingFx, our transaction fees are competitive in comparison with other Forex brokers.

    You can view the transaction fee here.

    In addition, you will have to pay a very small and negligible fee called overnight charge (if your order is not liquidated during the day).

  • What is the transaction spread fee at HoldingFx?

    Spread spreads at HoldingFx are very low, from 0.6 pips and remain unchanged at normal trading.

  • How is overnight charge calculated?

    Overnight fees are calculated based on the difference between the interest rates of the currency pair that you maintain to the next day (after 4:00 AM Vietnam time). Your trading account will then be added or subtracted from the difference in interest rates. Unsettled orders from Friday night (before 4:00 AM Saturday - Vietnam time) will be triple when the market reopens at the beginning of the week (4:00 AM Vietnam time). You can check out overnight rates here.

  • Does the company offer a discount scheme?

    Yes. HoldingFx pays a very attractive transaction discount. However, this mode only applies to the IB (agent) of the company only.

  • Can I arbitrarily choose the leverage when trading at HoldingFx?

    HoldingFx only leverage 1:500

  • Does HoldingFx allow for two-way (hedging) transactions? How much is the deposit?

    Yes.You can trade hedging, hedge margin when hedging transactions is 50%, meaning that HoldingFx only calculates margin for one way.

  • Is Trading at HoldingFx stable?

    You have your peace of mind here. The HoldingFx system is very stable thanks to the support of many servers.

    You can verify in the "Connection Status" bottom corner on the right of the transaction graph.