• Withdrawal

    All withdrawal requests will be returned by the same way when you transfer money to your trading account.

    You can make a withdrawal order from the forex trading account to the bank you originally registered with HoldingFx

    The VND / USD exchange rate applicable to fixed deposits / withdrawals is VND 23.000 / USD.

    You can withdraw any amounts from your Forex trading account but no less than $10/withdrawal and no more than $100,000/withdrawal.

    You can only issue one withdrawal order per day and 02 (two) days after the latest payment date.

    The withdrawal request needs to be declared and sent to us between 8:00 AM and 04:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

    Money will be transferred to your bank account within 05 (five) minutes after HoldingFx receives a withdrawal order.

    Withdrawal free

    • Under 100 USD you have to pay bank fees
    • Over 100 USD you do not have to pay bank fees

    If you need any support in getting a cash back, please email us at [email protected].


    HoldingFx only transfers money to the bank accounts that customers have registered with HoldingFx.

    HoldingFx is eligible to refuse to cash pay or cash equivalents to the name of an individual who is not the holder of a foreign exchange trading account.

    Two joint investors with the same account can deposit money into the account. However, the amount of money from the joint account, regardless of who putin or withdraw by any form, must be returned to the mutual account with both names of and not the individual account.

  • Withdrawal Guide

    Step 1: You log into your trading account at here

    Step 2: Select WITHDRAWAL

    Step 3:

    • Enter the withdrawal Amount USD. For example 100 USD
    • Choose the bank you want to withdraw from

    Step 4: Click WITHDRAWAL

    The system will display information for you to check again. If you need to edit or change your mind, press the Delete